Company ZESET Sp. z o.o.  Company ZESET Sp. Mr. o.o. wide-profile expert in the global economy!

Keeping a balance of interests of our partners, acting in the public interest for the benefit of the economy, the Company provides a professional solution for a wide range of business challenges:

  • distribution of construction and industrial equipment

  • providing a full range of logistics services

  • electronic equipment for sale

  • promotion of goods and services

  • development of brands


 Areas of activity 

  • Wholesale of construction equipment

  • Wholesale trade in industrial equipment;

  • Wholesale trade in building and finishing materials

  • Wholesale trade in climatic equipment

  • Various household appliances for the home.

  • Wholesale of electronic equipment (computers, phones, communications equipment, medical equipment, household appliances, etc.);

  • Wholesale trade of vehicles, cars, motorcycles, spare parts and chemicals.

  • Wholesale trade in fuel, engine oils and other lubricants;

  • Wholesale different kinds of coal;

  • Transport services

  • Tourist services

  • Assistance 

  • Distribution of construction raw materials i.e. flats, slabs, tubes, pipes, longs and billets 

  • Wholesale trade in metallurgical raw and products

About us

Our goal: Leadership in the field of distribution and logistics services in the world. Sustainable development of existing and new business projects.

The professionalism and experience, the dynamic development of the material base and core business processes provided ZESET Sp. z o.o. leading position in the field of logistics and distribution of a wide range of the world's goods.

Partners  ZESET Sp. z o.o.


·       Clients - regional, national and transnational networks; wholesalers and retailers of various formats;

Suppliers - leading manufacturers of various equipment. Companies transnational values, offering high-quality products of famous brands


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ZESET Sp. z o.o.

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Date registration: 19.10.2016


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